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Foreign Organization

The second Italian Film Week, organized by the Consulate General of Italy in Guangzhou, is going to be held in both Guangzhou and Shenzhen between June 14th and 19th, showcasing four Italian movies to locals and expats alike.
A celebration of the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II was held by the British Consulate General in Guangzhou on June 11th at Guangzhou Opera House.

GD Expats

近日,眼尖的網友們發現,廣東知名權威英文國際傳播網站南方英文網的稿件成為了廣州市海珠區八年級期末考試的材料。Recently, netizens spotted that one of GDToday’s event articles was used in an English final test paper for the eighth grade students in Haizhu District, Guangzhou.
Five young expats from five continents that have been living and working in Guangdong during the past six years gave exclusive interviews to Nanfang Daily and News GD.
The subtle aroma of freshly baked bread and simple but unique decorations at this restaurant feed my curiosity and wonderment.
Harry Harding, aka Hazza or (Da Ha) from Brisbane, Australia began his Guangdong story years ago, at primary school!

Food & Health

Guangzhou’s food street is a must-see

Tongfu Road is one of the most traditional arcade streets in Guangzhou. Under the arcades, there are time-honored household desserts, soups and herbal tea shops as well as hole-in-the-wall restaurants.
The delicacies range from syrup to wine, to soup, and they have all something in common: they are either "cold" or "cool" in character, according to Chinese food therapy.
Indonesia marked its guest country day at the Asian Cuisine Festival Guangzhou on May 20, displaying a variety of tasty local food and inviting one of its best-known chefs Chandra Gunawan to make distinctive Indonesian cuisine for visitors.

Language Learning

Little Ma and Big Ha | Normal friends or besties?

You have normal friends, and then you have your besties. But is there really a big difference between them?
Guangzhou’s expansive subway system may not be China’s longest, but it sure is the busiest, according to a report that was released recently by the China Association of Metros.
People who choose to study in a Business Mandarin course have their reasons for doing so. Many of which starts with career goals, making investments that are in China, or working with Chinese organizations.

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